We have created a Gateway for Small and Medium businesses to connect with brands

Linq Pay empowers small & medium businesses by helping them overcome the dependency on wholesale or any other mediatory channels.With the Linq Pay app, they can access new and more products & save time as they don’t need to travel to nearby towns to source new products.With a large catalogue to offer, Linq Pay acts as a one-stop marketplace to order cost-effective products.

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How are these small businesses underserved?

Initially due to a lack of direct channel that connects these businesses to brands. They had to source products from wholesalers or distributors. 

Limited Catalog

Logistical Limitations

Restricted Working Capital

Shortage of Doorstep Delivery

No access To Modern Brands

No access To Product in trend


How can small & medium businesses use these opportunities?

Linq Pay’s addressable small & medium business market:

The Small & Medium Business industry is worth $500 billion.

The Retailer store industry is growing at 10-12% every year.

There are 12 million retailer stores in India.

These stores account for 95% of the total retail market in India.

How Small & Medium Businesses can be Benefited using Linq Pay?

With Linq Pay’s technology-driven platform opens up new opportunities.  We empower these small & medium businesses to access the best brands and multiple services directly. With us, they have the advantage of

Doorstep delivery

Convenient delivery, minimising capital blocked in the inventory.

Technology-driven platform

It provides access as a Single unified platform for B2B purchasing


Reduced working capital

Frequent deliveries ensure lower working capital.

Access to brands directly

Linq Pay as a platform is integrated with top brands, giving small business owners access to products and services unavailable in small-town areas.

Easy financial aid

We extend help to these mom & pop stores to get credit from NBFCs, Banks increasing their working capital

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