Connect to a flawless network of 1000+Million small-town customers.

Expand direct reach, higher brand awareness, loyalty and consumer data. Linq Pay helps brands set a new pace for their business by leveraging the demand of underserved small-town customers.The lack of availability and accessibility for direct connection with small businesses has kept the market largely untapped for brands.

We make this possible for brands by giving them access to a large network of small & medium businesses. Using the power of technology & data at every stage, brands enjoy full visibility of the distribution channel and consumer insights.


Challenges brands came across

Limited reach

Direct channel to reach these small businesses is economically not viable and stops at wholesalers or other mediators.

Weak information flow

 Brands have been unable to establish control and connect due to an indirect, broken multi-tiered distribution.

Absence of direct connect

The presence of wholesalers as a middle channel has kept brands away from connecting with consumers & knowing their behaviour

Lack of data accessibility

Brands lack access to tertiary data from small-town consumers or secondary data from small-town Kirana stores.

Shortage of technology connect

There has been no digital platform or access to data to get insights that connected these small & medium businesses to brands directly.

Driven by volume

Credit by channel is offered to these small & medium-sized businesses. The channel is not driven by reach but by volume.
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What brings opportunity for Brands in this market?

We’ve got brands covered


Trusted by more than 100 brands for their B2B sales.


Leverage the power to access over 25000 small and medium businesses.

How Brands can be Benefited using Linq Pay

Direct connect to Small & Medium businesses

With use of technology get insights to the vast distribution of small-town businesses. It will help you understand the needs of these customers and cater to them better.

Manage Price Changes

As per the demand in the market, you can manage price changes via our digital  platform. This will ensure smooth ordering for & record all transactions as well.

All prepaid orders

No COD and RTO orders. Prepaid orders ensure higher intent and avoids spillage of costs due to Returns

Detailed sales insights

You can receive detailed sales insights on our platform, which will help you understand your customer’s needs and cater to them better.

Demand-led ordering

The retailers or small businesses can place their orders directly as per their quantity requirements. You get complete access to the market and retailer data.

No wholesale or intermediaries

With our platform, the multi-layered distribution channel will be eliminated. The retailers or small businesses get an option to order directly from brands


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