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Why LINQ ?

We have multiple E-Commerce giants associated with us which puts a LINQ Store at a strategic advantage. Due to your LINQ Store, you will be helping people in your town get exposed to the current digital trends with just a few taps.

Minimal Investment 

We have the lowest franchise investment possible in the market.  This gives you an extra boost to kickstart your business journey.

Zero Inventory

Having no inventory in your store is nothing but a dream. Now, you can focus on increasing your sales and earn more through us.

One Stop Shop

Your customers will have multiple services and brands under one single roof to choose from without any kind of hassles.

Extensive Services

Get your store located and designed by us. We will be there throughout your journey through our many Marketing Strategies.

Requirements to get your Franchise 

With us, you can now put on your business hat and turn your life around. Gear up as your dream of having a business of your own becomes a reality.


An investment of INR 2 Lakhs to get the store up and running. The investment may vary depending on the area.

Real Estate

A minimum of 150 square feet ( up to 300 sq. feet ) in a business favourable locality is crucial.


Passionate and motivated individuals with an essential knowledge of the internet & the ability to hustle.


Commitment to personally manage the  operations at LINQ Store  and provide excellent customer service.

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